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ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™
Sharing Guidelines

Who We Are

ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ was founded for the betterment of health share in America.

We believe that the current health care system in America is too expensive, and that one of the best means of handling this dysfunctional system is with the power and efficiency of health sharing.

ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ is a collaborative membership under the auspices of Altrua HealthShare Caring. We are, with AHS, like-minded people who embrace the concept of sharing in each other’s medical expenses to reduce thecosts of healthcare in times of need.

Health sharing relies on the simple principle of sharing medical expenses within a community of people, who voluntarily help each other pay their medical bills. Many communities for nearly a century have used this principle. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 exempted health sharing from the individual mandate penalties. Following that, several health-sharing organizations extended their membership to others who would agree to their ethical or religious beliefs.

ROLA HealthShare™ operates through AHS’s ideology of all faiths welcome. ROLA, as a wellness-minded community, will facilitate the exchange of healthcare expenses between its membership with transparency and ease. We are your partner in wellness. We foster a better quality of life through member engagement that includes wellness initiatives that encourage members totake control of their health.

We are disrupting the sickness-based model in healthcare that has become the norm. Through our third-party providers we oversee access to contracted physicians, health coaches, nutritionists, healthy lifestyle experts, life-impacting coaches and other wellness and health enriching services within our patient platform.

ROLA HealthShare, Inc.TM offers, in our opinion, the most advanced version of health sharing in America today. This version integrates the best of the core concepts in health sharing with the most robust components of individual health management services. Our unique platform we created in this space is a major disruptor in the sickness-based model. We provide, through our third-party providers, contracted physicians, health coaches, nutritionists, healthy-lifestyle experts, life-impacting coaches and other wellness and health enriching services through our patient platform. We are so confident in our ability to provide exceptional services at affordable prices, we offer a 15-day free look period at the ROLA HealthShare,  Inc.TM plans. What that means to you is, if during the 15 days subsequent to submission of your application, you choose to cancel for any reason, you will  receive a full refund: it’s that simple.

The members of ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ honor and live by our Statement of Standards and keep a commitment to living an informed and healthy life.

Purpose of the Membership Guidelines

These Membership Guidelines are your reference for acknowledging your commitments, assessing your eligible and ineligible medical sharing needs, and understanding how your contributions are shared. ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ serves the purpose to help facilitate the mutual sharing by directing members’ gifts to those who have eligible expenses.

Additionally, ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ is not an insurance company and it does not guarantee payment of medical costs. ROLA HealthShare is on the leading edge in this space. We have built an all-inclusive health share encouraging people from all religious backgrounds and all types of family structure to join our membership.

From time to time these Membership Guidelines will change according to the needs and wants of the ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ community and by the decision of the Board of Directors. In these cases, ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ will provide you with advance written notice, and changes will be made according to the decisions, recommendations, and approval of the Board of Directors.

The edition of the Membership Guidelines that is in effect on the date of your medical needs overrides any previous editions. You will find the current edition of the Membership Guidelines and any amendment details at  An exception to a specific provision only modifies that particular provision and does not supersede or void any other provisions within these Membership Guidelines.

These Guidelines will be used to facilitate management and distribution of the membership’s monthly contributions. The Guidelines describe the types of medical expenses that members have agreed to share with one another. Decisions made by ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ regarding interpretation of these Guidelines in individual cases do not set precedents for future decisions.

Voluntary Participation

Monthly Shared Amounts are voluntary gifts and are not refundable. Although they are gifts, they are not considered deductible charitable contributions for tax purposes. Each member remains a self-pay patient and will send his or her Monthly Shared Amounts to assist another member who has medical expenses. Giving a monetary gift to assist another member in the program does not create a legally enforceable right for the donor to receive funds for the donor’s health care expenses. Whether or not any member receives assistance from other members for medical expenses, each member will always ultimately remain personally liable to pay his or her own medical expenses.

We humbly acknowledge that we cannot always be all things to all people, and we may therefore have to refuse to accept a Sharing Members who have active, pre-existing medical needs or conditions, since such immediate expenses may strain our ability to share beyond our current capacity.

members who are not aligned with the Statement of Standards or our sharing mentality. Members who are unwilling to cooperate with our stewardship efforts to avoid exorbitant medical prices will be required to leave the community.

Statement of Standards – ROLA Community Ethical Beliefs

The health sharing movement was started by ethically minded individuals to fulfill the practice of “loving your neighbor as yourself.”

In accordance with this, members are expected to live their lives in concert with the values of being respectful, honorable, and healthy, in a practical way, by following these ethical and/or spiritual beliefs:

  • Engaging in regular exercise and eating foods that are healthy, nutritious and, promote the welfare of the
  • Caring for one another, including those within our own families and avoiding abusive and unhealthy behaviors both physically and
  • Refraining from drinking alcohol in excessive amounts and never operate a motor vehicle while impaired by any mind-altering
  • Avoiding habitual use of tobacco or nicotine in all its forms, including smoking, chewing, and
  • Abstaining from the use of illicit drugs or substances that do not promote healthy living. This includes consuming prescription medications in a manner not intended by the prescriber that would likely result in bodily harm or dependency.
  • Promote and encourage the health and well-being of others in our membership community.

These beliefs form the ethical and spiritual basis for our interaction and relationship with others in the ROLA community. Each member is required to subscribe to this Statement of Standards as evidenced by his/her attestations.

ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ uses the widely accepted definitions of spirituality from the Merriam- Webster dictionary, which is “Something that in ecclesiastical law belongs to the church or to a cleric as such; CLERGY; Sensitivity or attachment to religious values; The quality or state of being spiritual.” We accept these definitions in their universal form, and as the name implies, the ROLA Community believes in the harmonious coexistence of many faiths and an ethic that transcends human boundaries and binds the philosophical  to the physical world in a way that honors and promotes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The beliefs of our ROLA community are based on an open and accepting practice validated by many churches. For example, the Unity Churches; ROLA recognizes that  their values are founded in the narratives of several versions of the Bible, Torah, Koran, and various Buddhist and Hindu texts and beliefs. ROLA Members must agree to honor, in

a practical sense, the beliefs, lifestyle, values, and traditions addressed in these texts and to do so in writing by attesting to adherence with our Statement of Standards.

Among our basic tenets is adherence to the ideology – “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship” the Buddha. We live this mantra by sharing in the burdens of others and offering assistance during times of medical need.

ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ Member Education

How to be a wise consumer of Health Care Services

ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ members should be knowledgeable about the issues in the U.S. Health Care System so the Member could preserve the resources of membership. The members of ROLAHealthShare.ORG can take action individually to make certain the monthly contributions from other members are used efficiently and effectively. The member’s attention to these concerns conserve Sharing Amounts for all members and help to keep the monthly sharing contribution as low as possible.

Be aware of Price Variability. Prices (costs) of medical services vary tremendously  in each city and/or market. For example, an MRI could cost $250 or $3500 for the same person,site, and disease. There are no differences in quality or types of MRI machines that would justify that difference. It is ONLY the customer’s unawareness and the contractual agreements between the insurance companies and the facilities (hospitals mostly) that conceals that information.’s program is an open access membership. Our members are not locked into any network. By doing this, we have guaranteed negotiation on all services that become Shared Eligible Needs. Between our Third-Party Administration team (who perform the function of negotiators) and medical concierge, members can rest assured that the ROLA Community is providing the best representation for its membership.

Be Aware of “Waste”. The U.S. spends more than any other industrialized country on health care ($3.6 Trillion in 2018), therefore making it increasingly harder for an average family to afford the varying types of insurance and health sharing coverage. Yet, estimates indicate that up to 50% of billed charges are ‘waste’. This extra bill padding does not add to any better health outcomes. The waste is embedded in unnecessary procedures, diagnostic, x-rays, labs, etc.

ROLA’s Advisory panel assists members in understanding and discerning the procedures which are medically necessary and those which will not add value to the member’s medical treatment.

Conscientious Consumerism. ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ members must become informed customers. Members will ask the price of each service (non-emergency)

they are planning to receive. ROLA HealthShare, Inc.TM and its Concierge Advisors are available to help the member negotiate to satisfy those specific needs. For more information or guidance on being a conscientious health care service consumer, ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ is available to assist members with their questions.

Mobile Primary Care. ROLA HealthShare, Inc.™ provides its members a relationship with our Mobile Primary Care system, in addition to an in-person Primary Care Physician (PCP). ROLA HealthShare, Inc.TM can assist the member with finding a high-quality PCP in member’s zip code areas.

Communicate with your physician. Each member needs to inform their physician or other medical provider that they are treated as a self-pay patient. Members should ask for the price or cost of each service (diagnostic or treatment) that they are planning to receive (not emergency cases).